Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chocolate-Rocky Road

Everyone loves Rocky Road, its a great treat I love to make for my friends as you can use their favourite lollies to make it extra special. A couple of my friends have been taking care of Bruce my Budgie :) So i whipped up a batch to say thanks!
I haven't been able to do a blog for a while as I have been on the road with my job.  One of my employers is Canadian Kitchen.  It is a location catering company, so every now and then I have to hit the road and go to remote towns which means no internet.
 So for the last 7 weeks I have been on a few adventures which you will hear about in my next few blogs. 
But as they say there's no place like home, so coming home and cooking in my own kitchen is like heaven :)
For Angela I made her Rolo milk chocolate rocky road. 
 Christian loves dark chocolate so I made him a cherry ripe version. 

375g chocolate
50g marshmallows
150g raspberry lollies
50g moist coconut flakes
100g rolo/cherry ripe

note- you can change the lollies and chocolate types to suit your needs
I prefer to use the moist coconut flakes as it has a better texture and sweeter flavour.


1. In a dry microwave safe bowl break up the chocolate up into bite size pieces and put on for 1 min
2. Stir chocolate around and the microwave for 1 min
 3.Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and mix
note- with the cherry ripe version I chopped the cherry ripe bar into bite size pieces
4.Scoop your mix into muffin trays
note- I used the silicone version you can use the metal tray as well 

5.Refrigerate for one hour
6.Remove from the trays
7.Cut into quarters and enjoy :)

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