Thursday, 26 April 2012

Breaky-Bircher Muesli

This year I was lucky enough to be asked to cater for a cancer fund raising group, TOUR DE CURE.  They are a amazing group of people who ride their bike to raise money and awareness for cancer.  This ride went from Geelong down to Warrnambool then we came up the Great Ocean Road finishing at Torquay.
 I am always amazed by the passionate people who undertake such huge experience.  Its not just a group of people who jump on the push bike to raise money, its the amazing journey the ride takes you on.  This ride focused on getting help to remote areas in Victoria. They raised $100,000 on this ride which will go to a number of causes.  Flying doctors for fuel, putting people in schools so children can deal with cancer and donating to medical research hoping one day we can find a cure.
Everyday the bike riders stopped at schools to inspire children to be fit, be healthy and be happy. Not only is it a bike ride but they stop and listen to those people who their ride will effect.  This gives the riders the inspiration they need to ride when they feel they can go no longer.
Being on the support team for TDC will keep you on your toes.  We make sure that all they have to focus on is the ride and the experience. We feed, hydrate, keep them safe and care for their well being when they are on the ride. Lisa, Shani, Paul, Emma, Brendon and Sam I had a blast on this ride with you :)
One of the favourite dishes on the ride is Bircher muesli.  It is low GI, a slower burning fuel for the riders as well as it taste yummy.  I was asked many times on the ride for its recipe so here it is.
1 cup rolled oats
2TBLspn Greek yogurt
2teaspn maple syrup
Zest of 1 orange
Juice of 2 oranges
1/3 cup apple juice
1 cup milk
1 apple grated
1TBLspn whipped cream
1TBLspn toasted shaved almonds
2teaspn toasted coconut threads
 1. Soak the oats with yogurt, maple syrup, OJ, zest, apple juice, milk and grated apple
2. Cover and refrigerate overnight
 3. Fold the whipped cream through the oat mix
4. Serve topped with almonds and coconut
5. Enjoy :-)

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